Die erste "Apple-Rechnung" in diesem Jahr ...

... führt zu "ccc-boise.org" in den USA, von dort wird weitergeleitet zu "www.danish.co.in/macarete/caca/cancel-form/cancelationorder/" in den USA:

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Thank you for buying the following product:

Product Name:Europe GPS Map Pro 2016

Order Number: APP63H10J2710J3

Receipt Date: 20/01/2016

Order total: 49.35 €

If you did not authorize this purchase, please visit the iTunes Order Cancellation[http://www.ccc-boise.org/zea/] Form within the next 6 hours in order to cancel the payment.
You can find the AppStore Terms of Sale and Sales Policies by launching your lTunes application and clicking on Terms of Sale or Sales Policies.

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